Portals & Passages

A Loot derivative for movement of Characters across Places and Eras in on-chain ecosystems - by @newixonchain. Twitter: @portalspassages - Discord:
Enchanted Portals & Passages are on-chain generative magical portals. Their purpose is to support movement of Characters across Places and Eras in on-chain ecosystems with spatial/temporal coherence, thus enabling development and innovation of new game mechanisms.
They are designed to play nice with Loot, and draws from deep Loot lore, while ambitioning to become a generic enabler and integrate with other ecosystems too.
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What are Portals, where do they come from?

Portals & Passages are either remarkable natural points of interest or forgotten man-made artifacts. They were crafted in the Genesis Era by Mages of Light and Dark.
Each Portal inherits its inner mechanics from 1 of the 8 Ancient Great Schools of Enchantment, which dominated the Lootverse at the time (see § Enchantment Lineages). They receive enchantments within a powerful Gem made of one of the rare Lootverse resources (see § Enchantment Gems).

Where are they, how do they work?

Although forgotten over time, Portals & Passages are now being researched and exhumed by the Guild of Navigators who ambitions to revive a transportation infrastructure in the Lootverse, for Adventurers to travel from Realm to Realm, to Dungeon, to Wonder.
Each Portal is located within a Realm or close to a Dungeon. Navigators decide at mint in which Realm or close to which Dungeon they locate the Portal they mint, thus collectively generating the Portals mapping distribution.
A pair of Portals enabling passage from one to the other is created by enchanting the two Portals together and staking them. This requires either one Navigator to hold both, or the two respective holders to agree on enchanting the two Portals together. Alliances and Factions from within the Guild of Navigators will progressively form and oppose each other for the control of the main routes.
Portals and passages representations are on-chain generative SVGs

What's a Portal like?

The table below presents an overview of the Portals characteristics. You can learn more on the dedicated pages: P&Ps detailed characteristics.
The 8 Enchantment Schools from which Portals inherit. 4 have dark attunement, 4 light attunement. More on this page.
Core material the gems receiving the enchantments are made of:
  • 23 out of the 22+6 resources of Realms and C&C (5 wouldn’t be a good fit for a gem receiving enchantments)
  • 5 original resources introduced by Enchanted Portals & Passages: Emerald, Lazuli, Phoenix Feather, Vitrified Lava, Pure Pearl
  • A fraction of the Portals (or some facets) might originally miss their gem and be considered inactive (e.g. until they are reactivated)
More on this page.
Number of possible connections to other Portals:
  • 1 is the most common, 2 happens, 3 is exceptional
  • 16 unique Wonder Portals with an unknown number of facets
More on this page.
Ancient imprints
Some portals bear strange marks on their walls or floor, resembling ancient imprints. More on this page.
Man-made artifact vs. Remarkable natural place; reflected in the Portal name. More on this page.
Depending on a Portal greatness, its name is composed of:
  • The Portal itself
  • A prefix drawn from Loot lore
  • A suffix
See more detail on this page.
The Crypts & Caverns 6 environments, with a similar rarity distribution.
Yes / No, relates to being a Wonder or not (see Facets above).